The Ashes of Time

Dropping in

Murg of House Tharashk gazed in astonishment as the 6 figures came plummeting out of the sky right into the marsh in front of him. Right into the Marsh that he was currently guarding as his clan Wyvern had recently won the rights to plumb its depths for Dragon Shards! Murg quickly headed back to the village as Yageth would most certainly want to know about the intruders…. Yageth was seated in his skull encrusted chair. The huge 1/2 orc gazed at Murg his one eye searing with intensity as he scratched his empty eye socket. “There are intruders in my marsh” he growled with anger. Fetch the boys and lets teach them a lesson. Murg grinned, the intruders were going to get it!. He hurried past the skeletal remains of their former shaman. Murg had never liked the simpering fool and once his powers had deserted him it was not long before Yageth decided his existence was “optional”. Murg yelled out to the large huts “Intruders boys lets go play” The first Ogre poked his head out and grinned revealing 4 broken teeth covered in yellow skum, Heh Heh lets go PLAY! With that the various members of Clan Wyvern, human. 1/2 orc and Ogre gathered up their weapons and headed out to have a chat with their visitors….



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