The Ashes of Time

Falling but not yet Fallen

As Airst plummeted into the blessed shadows cast by Heironeius’ shield, he knew that he and his group were in serious trouble. The plan spelled out in the trap was clever and the Traitor was instrumental. But my falling into the trap was the catalyst for the beginning of the end. Even as he fell, the wheels of war were turning.

“We are not going to win this, but maybe we don’t have to lose.” thought Airst. “However we act, they will defeat us, but defeat does not mean destruction and maybe we can survive. I shall take a chance and throw the dice as mortals are fond of saying.”

So thinking, Airst directed his fall to the mortal Plane.

“I don’t have much time but I have time for this. I shall establish 2 power caches that I can use to recover or recharge when the time is right. Now, where can I find appropriate tools to house my divine might? Hmmm, that dragon shard looks promising and so too does that Shield. And both thoughtfully protected by those two Shining PIGS!”

Airst stole the 2 items, the shard from a silver dragon of great might but poor perception and the Shield from a forgotten Heironeian paladin’s tomb.

After Investing the two relics with portions of his power, AIrst quickly established a history for each and then returned the Shield to it’s ‘owner’ and the shard to a Cleric of Pelor in an Abbey about to be overrun by orcs and goblins.

With his caches secure, Airst returned to the immortal realm where battle raged.


Perhaps that Abbey is the same Pelorian abbey which holds the bottle trapping Balenor’s Herald of Vengeance. Or perhaps that shard is the “bottle” spoken about in the story.

Falling but not yet Fallen

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