The Ashes of Time

Memories of Long Past

As Balenor transferred the mythic energies contained in the shard through himself and into his sword Nemesis, half formed memories of times past bubbled just below the surface of his conscious thoughts. Only when his gaze fell upon the raven Mython did one fully form.

Deirdre was a young maid who lived with her two siblings Scarlet and Faisal and her father Mython. She and her family had a bad name in Firenze because of the hubris they used to show toward the gods and the meanness with which they treated others.

There was only one god Deirdre’ family liked to praise and that was god Arkin, for he was giving the family rich harvest and had taken a liking to Deirdre. They refused all other gods and isolated themselves from all other people.

Many times they were invited to take part in offerings to Jayia, the goddess of wisdom, but Mython’s answer was always the same; he did not sympathize with a goddess who had eyes as fair as an owl’s, since his own daughters had very dark eyes.

Many were also the invitations for the family to take part in the festivals of Airst and Kalio, the gods of the knowledge and beauty, but again the family would never sympathize with, let alone praise, a god who was a thief or a fool.

Even the invitation to honor Balenor, the wild god of Storms, was of no avail; Mython would disagree, claiming that he loathed the god who’s head was in the clouds.

The gods felt insulted to their honour and so they decided to take revenge. For this reason, Jayia and Kalio transformed into beautiful maids, while Balenor and Airst transformed into shepherds and one night they appeared in front of the family’s house.

Once there, the disguised Balenor invited Mython and Faisal to follow him to the banquet the shepherd had prepared for Balenor and asked from Deirdre to guide the maids to the sacred forest of Jayia and Kalio.

When Deirdre heard this, she got frustrated and started hurling insults at Jayia; immediately, the goddess transformed her into an owl and her sister Scarlet was transformed by Kalio into a seagull. Faisal tried to attack Airst with a roasting jack, but the god quickly transformed the unfaithful man into another bird with the name charadrius.

Mython complained about this punishment and Balenor transformed him into a raven and cursed him to only announce bad news ever since.

“Could he be the same Mython?” Balenor wondered.



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