The Ashes of Time


As Airst fell through the universe on his way to wherever, I single thought pervaded his mind – “What am I?”
I was the God of Intrigue and Secret plots, hidden knowledge and subterfuge. I was tall, handsome, in a Roguish fashion. I was Misery’s Companion, drinking away the sorrows of a failed plot, or on bitter nights, the successful one. Maiden’s prayed to me to keep their trysts secret, merchants to keep their deals silent, kings to know the plots before the dagger. All had in mind the Laughing Fool, the Keeper of Secrets, the Bitter Truth.
But now? What am I now? My Chalice reveals no secrets, my Blade barely scratches stone, my Eyes, my once flashing Cobalt eyes, now bent copper coins. My faithful pray yet to whom? I know not even my Name!?! Airst I am called, First of the Fallen, but who was I before? Who is being prayed to and who is answering in My NAME!



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