The Ashes of Time

Tattle Tale

Xxith the Babau watched from his hiding place in the shadows as the eight headed hydra roared one last time and then fell to the ground. The Godlings that defeated the guardian looked briefly elated until the entire prison started to shake and the massive doors started to crack. Xxith waited until just the right moment and slipped past everyone into the swirling multi-coloured tunnel that appeared. This was his chance and he felt himself being plunged back to home, the Abyss of Hell. He appeared sprawling in Pazuzu’s massive sky city known as the iron spire. 1000s of feet high this city floated in the smoggy sulphuric clouds of the Abyss. Xxith rubbed his hands with glee, all he needed to do now was get an audience with the demon lord and report to him that his rival Balenor Jinx was back. Pazuzu would surely reward him for this information and maybe even let him watch as he hunted down Balenor and pinned him to the top of one of the many cold iron spikes that adorned the city. There former enemies of Pazuzu would squirm in pain impaled on the spikes, still alive never dying but unable to free themselves. Distracted by the thoughts of rewards and the pleasure of torture Xxith did not watch where he was travelling until the green ray struck him on the chest. Immediately alert and alarmed he tried to scale the alley wall and flee but a massive clawed hand grabbed and pinned him down. The corpulent face of a Nalfesnee loomed close to his and leered with pleasure. “Got one throw him in the cage with the others!”. He tossed Xxith into a cage covered in arcane runes along with a bunch of other lesser demons. The Mercane near the cage rubbed his hands in glee and smiled at Xxith “You will certainly fetch a nice price where i am going”. Xxith seething with frustration blurted out “But I have a valuable secret you cant catch me!” He immediatley realized his mistake and clamped his mouth shut, but much latter when they finally brought out the cold iron knives he knew that all was lost and that his secret was his no longer.



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