Shield of the Purple Plume

Relic of Heironeous (?)


Similar to the Helm of the Purple Plume, The Shield was awarded to those of the Helm who were the bravest and most daring in Heironeous’ name. It was awarded for a period of 3 years after which time, the Faithful of Heironeus gathered to bestow its powers upon the most worthy.

The Shield grants a +2 Charisma bonus, immunity to fear and bestows a heroism effect (as per the spell) for 10 minutes when the wielder is subject to a fear effect. Additionally, wielders of this +2 ghost-touch tower shield can once per day as an immediate action can negate a single energy drain, ability drain, or ability damage attack by an undead creature. In addition, once per day as a standard action, the wielder can release a wave of positive energy that panics undead, as the Turn Undead feat (Will DC 20 negates).

This powerful Relic can only be destroyed if first its magic is somehow disrupted rendering it non-magical (anti-magic, disjunction, greater dispel magic, etc) and then damaged by a creature that attacks on both planes (astral, incorporeal or ghost touch will suffice) and that does negative energy damage. The source must also have the ability to cause fear in some fashion. When the Relic is destroyed, it explodes for 20d6 holy and light damage (reflex save for 1/2). Creatures within 10’ of the blast do not get a save.


Shield of the Purple Plume

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