Religion of Tarzak

The Raging Beast
The Chained Destroyer
The Fiery Bear
Lord of the Fire Giants

Symbol: Broken Shackles

Adjective: Tazrakian
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Home: Mount Desolation on the plane of fire
Portfolio: War, Strength, Rage, Wild Beasts, Freedom
Worshipers: Soldiers, Freed Slaves, Barbarians, Mercenaries, Brigands, Fire Giants
Domains: Animal, Chaos, Fire, Strength, War
Favored Weapon: Great axe

Tazrak is the son of Jayia, the Goddess of Nature/Music/Fertility, and a Fire Giant Lord long since forgotten.

Arkin, the Lord Father, God of Creation, Sun and Fire, husband to Jayia was jealous and furious at his wife’s betrayal. He ripped from Jayia’s womb the baby Tazrak, who emerged in the shape of a bear. He chained Tazrak in an active volcano where he should have died in an eruption.

When the volcano was about to erupt so too did Tazrak’s fury at his imprisonment. The heat of his anger more than matched the temperature of the lava and it washed harmlessly over him.

Through many years which followed he remained chained in his volcano home. The only times he calmed were when he heard the sound of his mother’s music on gentle winds. One day as Tazrak the Fiery Bear was smashing rocks in his fury matching the rhythm of the thunderstorm which raged outside. He noticed the light from the fire in his shackles refused to penetrate the shadows in a nearby passage. He threw a boulder into the shadows and heard a muffled cough. A few seconds later, a dusty man emerged casually flipping a dagger in wondrously impossible loops.

“Brother, you know you aren’t a bear. You have lived alone here for far too long in your anger. Let me free you of your bonds.”

Tazrak calmed his anger. This man spoke in a voice much like he heard when his mother had sung. He considered for a minute and then changed his appearance to that of a man with dark shaggy hair and a beard. As the other man approach to open the locks, Tazrak bellowed and snapped the chain that had imprisoned him in the volcano for so many years. A brother! A brother who had come for him!

“I knew nothing but pain”, Tazrak stated in his gravely voice, “So I kept myself imprisoned.”

During Tazrak imprisonment, his step-father Arkin had succumbed to madness. Some of the other gods came to Tazrak with a plan to overthrow Arkin. Tazrak was seen as the perfect symbolic leader because he had been Arkin’s first victim. The plan worked down to the smallest detail. Unfortunately no plan can account for all eventualities and before the final battle Arkin sent Nerull, the god of murder, away to kill his estranged wife Jayia.

When the Fall of the Gods came, after the First Fallen had come to warn his brothers and sisters, the other gods around Tazrak had mostly been subdued by the searing heat of Pelor’s light.

The Raging Beast hadn’t even broken a sweat, having grown up in a raging volcano. Unfortunately the light did blind him for a few seconds as Nerull ambushed him and plunged a dagger in his back. He threw Nerull through a mountain creating the Caves of Shadows, the stalagmites and stalactites formed by Nerull’s broken teeth.

He started to run towards Heironeous but something was slowing him down and draining his strength. His steps slowed but Heironeous was so close Tazrak could smell him. But as he fell to his knees, he realized that Heironeous would remain out of his reach. With the last of his strength, he threw his great axe. As he feel, he smiled seeing the crack in Heironeous’s helm.

Religion of Tarzak

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