The Ashes of Time

Balenor's Death

End of the line. One last fight. That’s what the Pelor and the Greyhawk pantheon thought was case for our pantheon. And they would have been right except for Arist’s Chalice of Whispers preventing a complete and utter ambush.

And what an ambush it was, packed with the mightiest heralds of the Greyhawk pantheon, and behind them the Gods of Greyhawk themselves. Signaling the start of the ambush was Pelor, glittering like second sun in the sky sending deadly searing bolts of lights into the fellow gods of my Pantheon.

This was a crazy plan, Balenor thought and not for the first time, as his scimitar beheaded another one of Kord’s titan heralds. But did crazy have to mean going toe to toe with the Kord, the God of Strength?

Balenor made brief eye contact with his opponent, who only smirked at him. He didn’t want to admit the move gave his man the edge, but it had. The remaining crowd of divine heralds shied back as the huge Kord, all youth and lean muscle, leapt catlike from a ledge, waving the greatsword in figure eights multiple times before touching down on the ground again. Balenor cracked a smile and let out a laugh filled with arcane energy. For a brief moment, he could see uncertainty in his opponent’s eyes as the hex filled laugh drained some measure of Kord’s strength. Balenor felt grateful for the advantage.

Advancing. Advancing. Kord charged at him with the greatsword upheld, going to his foreswing and following it with a backswing. Balenor dodged the first and met the second with his shield spell. The weight of the greatsword and the strength behind the blow sent Balenor back.

Striking. This arcing shot sliced the plates of Balenor’s armor at the midsection. It missed the flesh behind it by perhaps a millimeter.

Kord staggered seemingly off balance. Balenor swung. His scimitar missed, though not close enough to eat the draconic scale armour worn by Kord. Kord managed another smirk, this time at the spryness of his dodge and his feint. Balenor had to admit it was impressive, but the sight only made him angrier.

Swing. Swing. Swing. The first two missed badly, but on the third, Balenor released a hex causing his hair to turn to steel and grow lashing out at Kord’s leg, pulling him off balance as the backswing of his sword Nemesis found flesh. The vorpal scimitar ate through his opponent’s neck as easily as air. Kord dropped headless to a knee, tried to stand as his divine regeneration tried to kick in, and then dropped dead.

Balenor scanned the battle field. Tazrak was the easiest to spot, as nothing stood within reach of his axe. Berond and Kalio were still up but bloodied. Airst was almost in position next to Heironius. Airst just needed a couple of seconds of shadow. Something that Pelor’s aura of light was preventing. Time to buy a couple of seconds, Balenor quickly chanted a Hex encasing Pelor, the Sun God in a tomb of black ice. Shadows returned to the battlefield for mere seconds as Pelor’s superheated body melted its way through the block of ice encasing him.

Airst acted and disappeared into the shadow of Heironeius’ shield, travelling into the mortal realm to set his part of the plan into motion. Unfortunately seconds of shadows was also all the time needed for Nerull to position himself behind Tazrak.

Unlike Airst, Balenor had already planted the seeds of his resurrection. A small spark of divine essence was transferred to the wings Pazuzu stole from Balenor and grafted to himself long ago. That and the thirst for revenge against Balenor so deeply ingrained in Pazuzu’s heart should be enough catalyst to eventually resurrect Balenor, the God of Revenge.

Pelor, greatest of the Greyhawk pantheon, now freed of the icy tomb turned his attention toward Balenor. Balenor smiled as rays of deadly searing light came ripping through his shields of darkness. Eventually Balenor would have his vengeance!


I don’t remember anyone else being there when I escaped from the major baddies.
did any of you think to pick up my eyes?

Balenor's Death

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