The Ashes of Time

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Divine Disappearance where are we now?

It’s been one year since all the divine magic in the world disappeared. This reporter has provided an in-depth review of the effects that this has had on our world. We will also speak with several experts on what they might think is the cause of the disappearance and stay tuned for our special article High priests of the various religions what are they doing now? Continued on Page 4

Mournlands exclusive

Follow this intrepid reporter as he is imbedded with the 2nd Thranish regulars as they patrol the Mournland border. Read about the encounter with the creature with 4 eyes and 6 legs and how it almost ripped this reporter from limb to limb. Continued on page 16

Victor Saint-Demain does it again

The master inquisitor Victor Saint-Demain looked dashing in his outfit as he corned and captured yet another villain. Victor tracked down the Banshee a ½ elven woman who would strangle her victims and then leave a song of mourning for the victims. Victor was quoted as saying “she was clever and most people would never have suspected her but she made one fatal mistake. Turn to page 22 for details on what mistake that was and how she was caught.

Newly appointed Inspired Ambassador holds a gala

A who’s who of Sharn gathered at the Ambassador’s residence last night to enjoy a luxurious gala held by the Ambassador and his lovely wife. The dinner was prefect and the speeches were spicy as Sharn got to know the Ambassador Jacobson and his wife. His historic appointment as the first ambassador ever from Rieda has been for the most part been a great success. For the full gossip as to who was there and more importantly what they were wearing can be found on page 28.

New Mayor elected in the Cogs

For the first time ever a Warforged has been elected to mayor. Berg “the smith” Bagger was elected in a resounding victory largely due to his campaign to get warforges out to exercise their right to vote. Read about our interview with Berg and also follow this daring reporter as she gives you the scoop on what it’s like to work and live in the Cogs. This story and reactions from the losers of the campaign can be found on page 33.


I can’t find page 16! Where is page 16?!?

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