The Ashes of Time

planning for the Future

the future unfolds

Dumb. that’s all that can be said of Pelor’s steel friend, just dumb. falling for it twice?!? really. but sure enough he did. Jinx’s little trick of making a shadow just long enough for me to get one last thing done was well timed, though I think it will cost him. No matter, time is of the essence. This war, we were so unprepared and we should not have been. Didn’t we learn from the Titans?

So back Eberron and my final gambit. It looks like we are going to lose this; I don’t have the power to fight much longer, they saw to that. But while we may go down, we won’t go out. We know the secret, even if the others don’t. Gods don’t die until they are gone and forgotten. So how do we preserve ourselves when all seems like ash? Cabals, secret cults, and most importantly of all, knowledge caches. Establishing a knowledge cache of who we are and what we did, properly guarded until this unpleasantness is over, will ensure our future.

Deep in a jungle, hidden from prying eyes, Airst uses almost the last of his powers to erect the Temple of the Ancients and installs the Keepers of Ancients. Airst entrusts to these Guardians, all of the texts, artefacts and history of the Pantheon. Each room of the Temple is dedicated to one of Us, except the Traitor, and within each, Airst places the Tomes containing the Names, holy rituals, chants and prayers, and all that future worshipers would need to know to re-establish our Cults and bring about our re-birth.

With the Guardians, a sacred Compact is sealed and promises are made in the event of a Return. The Guardians take up their sacred duty and begin their own work of sealing and protecting our Future



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